Fall Time!

It’s fall guys! A time with leaves 🍁 and joy! Almost the definition of Christmas 🎄. By the way, what’s your favorite holiday? Leave a comment!

Thanksgiving is a time of food, family and friends 👫!

Your birthday is also very special! It’s the day you were born!

Black Friday

Is a great day cause every thing is on sale!!!
Christmas is also an important day. It’s when the family gets together!
  • Hope you enjoyed my holidays topic! Byyeee!


Think about it, we blog all the time. It calms us, it soothes us, and like I said before it reduces anxiety and depression.

Vlog or Blog?

People often Have to make this choice in there life, Vlog or Blog? I prefer Blogging. Cause if you vlog, then if you don’t like showing your face then your in trouble! But even if you don’t mind showing your face, you still have to move the camera and most vlogers do it with one hand.

Phone addiction

Getting a phone addiction is bad. It’s like your eyes are glued to the screen! No food, no drink, well you probably will drink. But it’s like an alcohol addiction.

Family Blocked

You might completely block yourself away from your family socially by making your phone practically your boyfriend. Your only friend would be the internet.

What if? (2)

Another what if…..Umm. WHAT IF YOU GOT CORONA? Phew. Yup, what if YOU got the one and only Covid 19? Let’s find out.

First, you would experience Fever or chills.
Then comes the coughing. After a few you’ll need water from all that coughing.
Then you would barely be able to breathe. (I couldn’t find the best photo)
Then you would experience extreme fatigue.

Eventually, you would die. If you didn’t, you would need Immediate medical attention…..

A few ways how to deal with anger……

Let’s face it, all of us experience anger at one point in our lives. And here me, grape petroleum jelly am…..wait, what? Never mind, here are my suggestions on how to deal with anger! 1. Calm down, when your angry you usually think about the thing that made you angry. But my advice is to just calm down. Take a nap if you need to, but whatever you do, just calm down! 2. Throwing a fit, Throwing a total fit and destroying stuff is NOT the answer. Instead, distract yourself from the anger/problem by for example, thinking about your favorite hobby or, thinking about your crush. And that’s my advice for solving anger. If this is not helping, then my last suggestion is mediation. It helps me, and it will probably help you to! Byyeee!!!


Hey guys/girls! I just heard my classmate’s mom cursed out the teacher in front of the whole class!!! Smh. It all happened when I was in online school, and today is Asincrinos day, let’s just call it no school day cause idk how to spell that. Anyway, it was no school days ago. But then we stared typing in the chat how we feel about the book. But after, I saw this lady she didn’t look like a kid like us. She was flinging her hair every were and smacked her head like Smh. Then she unmuted and said that she doesn’t understand why there typing in the chat but not doing anything. Ms. Well, I cannot say her name but she was embarrassed. She immediately said “We’ll talk in a private meeting later on.” It was crazy 😝! Any way I’m getting my cast removed later on today BYYEEE! Make sure you follow Me @blisatheangel

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